Teen Life Coach . . . What is Life Coaching for Teens?

“Coaches provide relationship and structure for people seeking personal and professional growth.  Coaches help people with all kinds of issues addressing three common points in their lives: where they have been, where they are, and where they are going.  A personal coach helps you to create balance, passion, structure, and a purpose for living a fulfilling and meaningful life.” – Jeff Yalden

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Celebrity Teen & Family Life Coach

Everyone Needs Someone In Their Corner… an experienced mentor, who can help them to approach life more intelligently, to keep them focused, and make measurable progress toward their goals. That is what a peak performance coach is all about. Consider Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer of all time. Tiger didn’t master the sport overnight or on his own. He worked with an inspirational coach every step of the way, from high school to Stanford to the PGA. He consulted with masters who helped him to achieve greatness. As your personal coach, I provide support, structure, and strategies to help fulfill your own potential, I help you to unleash the best that is within you, to manifest your destiny – success and fulfillment, however that looks in your heart.

“The more we discover of our true creative potential, the better we get at “acting from the end result” – behaving as the person we intend to be. And as we bridge that gap between where we are now and where we’d like to be, we become the person that we always knew, deep down, we could be. Coaching can make the difference, because it allows the client to concentrate on areas needing improvement without dwelling upon the negative. A coach is a person who realizes what the client needs to make change happen, and then instills the motivation to attain results. When anger, punishments, and threats fail to correct certain behaviors, a coach can offer another path, through objectivity, experience, and understanding.”
– Jeff Yalden

My job as Life Coach is to provide feedback and guidance in a language you can hear and with an energy you will find infectious. I offer the gift of perspective. Perspective from a unique vantage, through the eyes of compassion, strength, and good ol’-fashioned life experience. The difference between this and, say, psychological counseling is that we build together a partnership based on action. We won’t stand on the cliff talking about what it’s like to fly; or dwelling on our failure to fly in the past…we’ll grab each other’s hand and take a soulful, bounding leap. I am pleased to report, by the way, that I am yet to lose a client to the leaping.

In our action-based collaboration, my clients find themselves:

  • doing more than they ever dreamed possible
  • taking their lives more seriously
  • radiating their own self-respect
  • enjoying momentum and follow-through
  • taking more effective, meaningful action
  • establishing balance and direction

So Why Hire a Coach?

  • Adults hire me for any number of reasons: career transition, new business, feelings of personal discontent, reevaluation of life choices, financial stress, or simply a longing for personal empowerment.
  • Parents hire me to coach their children or teens to help with grades or athletics or general attitude toward life.
  • Couples hire me to help rediscover the joy in their relationship, and re-establish their connection with each other when careers, stress, and finances draw them apart.

Whatever their reason for coming, clients stay because the results pour in immediately. And at that point, I can stop with all the promotion and let the outcome speak for itself.

Remember, my coaching sessions are all about YOU and what you wish to achieve in your life. I will remind you of your strengths.  I will work with you on your weaknesses.  I will help you to feel better about yourself and give you valuable feedback on your thoughts and behaviors to support you in moving forward. The focus is on positive change: stating this is where I was, this is where I am, and this is where I am going!

Definition of Coaching

Professional Coaching is a partnership toward your personal and professional fulfillment. Clients develop in self-knowledge and self-mastery, improve their performance, and overhaul the quality of their lives.
Clients direct the focus of conversation while Jeff listens and contributes strategically to bring clarity and forward movement. Clients tend to make headway when they focus and become aware of their options. Coaching is, in short, a way of getting from where you are to where you’d like to be.

What Life Coaching is NOT

Coaching is not psychotherapy. Clients suffering from organic dysfunction or forms of mental illness should seek a licensed therapist and/or psychiatrist. Jeff has helped distraught clients, but in the interest of safety reserves the right to refuse coaching services when, in his judgment, the client is in need of psychological or medical intervention.