“You were able to begin with someone crying tears of laughter, and the second later have someone  cry with emotion.  I think that may be one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed.” – K. Harper, PA

“Veteran staff members indicated that you were the best assembly program that they had witnessed in their careers. Students told me that they were going to use your thoughts in their college essays. Others wanted you as our graduation speaker. I personally was moved by your thoughts.”
– J. Okulski, Principal
Garden City HS, Garden City, NY

youth motivational speaker

“Your presentation today, in the words of our students,”‘awesome’! In the fifteen years of bringing speakers to Warwick High School, this was the first time anyone has received a standing ovation from the students.”
– C. Schmitt
Guidance, Warwick HS, Warwick, NY

“After your speech I actually saw people making an effort to stop judging people when they know very little about them.”
– B. Hogue, PA


“Our guidance counselor stated ‘Next time you get a speaker who’s that powerful, that inspirational, please let us know and we’ll block out some time to meet with the students.’ Indeed, Mr. Yalden’s presentation was the best that I have seen in many years. Students were still talking about him for weeks after the assembly”
– I. Duggins, Asst. Principal
E. Stroudsburg HS, E. Stroudsburg, PA

“It is rare to find a speaker who knows the teenage soul as well as Jeff does. His stories really hit home with the students. Jeff inspired our student to consider their greatest potential.”
– Stacey Reilly, SADD Sponsor
Northwest High School, Germantown, MD


“As a veteran teacher, I was very proud of the messages that Jeff gave to our students. His heart touched many of our students and staff hearts and he made an impact. What impressed me the most is that he showed up at the football game and continued his conversations with students parents and staff. What a great human being with a great story who made a difference . Thank you Jeff for taking the time to let us hear your story, keep telling it and keep making a difference!
– Julie Prout, Teacher
Shepherd High School, MI

“The adults were as riveted as the students.”
– Mike Clark, Administration
Twinfield Union Schools, Vermont

“As I listened to you speak, I surveyed the room to see the reaction on the student’s faces. Their reactions ranged from laughter to complete amazement. You certainly have a grasp of human behavior and a way of expressing deeper meanings behind such behavior.”
– M. Wingate, Asst. Principal
Keystone Heights HS, Keystone Heights, FL

teen motivational leadership speaker

“Mr. Jeff Yalden delivered the most powerful, influential, motivating, and emotional address to our approximate 800 high school students I have witnessed in my eight years of high school teaching. If Jeff paused for a moment, you could hear the sound of silence as everyone was all ears to hear what was next. At the end of his presentation kids were giving him handshakes and hugs with both tears and smiles!”
– T. Kessler, Teacher
S. Burlington HS, S. Burlington, VT

“The Jeff Yalden energy is inexhaustible!”
– M. Wilchek, Principal
Mapleton HS, Ashland, OH


“It was worth more than four years of college!” – T. O’Rourke, Former Principal, Bishop Nuemann High School, Williamsport, PA

“The halls were literally buzzing with positive feedback from the students.”
– Michael Williams, Principal
Hancock Jr. / Sr. High School, NY

“Talk about making a huge impression”
– Marcia Zakin
Middle School Parent, PA

“No keynote speaker has ever been as amazing as you! I can’t explain it in words how incredible you were! You made such a huge impact and difference on my life.”
– Megan Walkovich
PA SADD Student Leader
Seven Springs Resort Youth Conference

“One aspect that sets Jeff apart from other speakers is that this isn’t just a job for him, it’s his life.”
– Shannon McNaul, Exec. Director
Galaxy Youth Center, Grinnell, IA

“His talk was the most important thing I have ever learned while in high school.”
– Kyle, Student

“Jeff goes beyond talking and truly connects with young people.”
– Kathy Paxton
Dir. of Prevention, West Virginia


Jeff Yalden, Youth Speaker at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School - Motivational High School Assembly

“When Jeff arrived in Aberdeen, South Dakota no one in the community knew him. Following Jeff’s three-day stay in Aberdeen, everyone who had been in contact with Jeff came away enlightened because of his positive attitude and enthusiasm for bettering our lives. I got to spend almost every waking moment with him. Whether it was the movies, golf, dinner, shopping, or the tour of the farm, Jeff was not only an international celebrity speaker, but he was a normal guy who became our friend. He was personal and real. He spent time with us. What was so meaningful to me was when Jeff wanted to see the site of my sister’s grave with me.”
– Emily Sippel
University of South Dakota

“In my twenty-five years of education, I have witnessed a number of speakers and program for both student and staff. However, in that time, never have I experienced an individual who had such a positive impact of both groups. Very simply stated, Jeff took Manchester Middle School by storm.”
– K. Burger, Asst. Superintendent
Manchester Township, Lakehurst, NJ

“Jeff, you presented on the Northwest Iowa Community College campus in April 2011. I have honestly received several verbal and email request to have you return. While I have been in this position that has never happened. You reach the students like know one else can.”
– Donna Ascherl, Career Choices Coordinator, Northwest Iowa Community College, 8th Grade Program, IA

“People have stated that your energetic, emotional speech was the best assembly program ever at our school. They cheered, cried, clapped, and ultimately honored you with a standing ovation. We have never had such a positive response for a speaker before.”
– L. Sund, Teacher
Longwood Central Schools
Middle Island, NY

“You impressed us with your ability to be flexible and willingness to take lead and facilitate some exciting and eye-opening breakout sessions! I cannot speak highly enough of your professionalism.”
– Amy Meier, Community Organizer
Positive Pressure Community
Anti-Drug Coalition and
Family Resource Council, Nebraska

“Not only is he a dynamic speaker, at New England College we found him to be a pleasure to meet and do business with.”
– Sarah Punderson
Special Events Coordinator
New England College, New Hampshire

“Jeff has the ability to reach the very heart of his audience by relating experiences to their lives, and also by giving them direction and hope for their futures.”
– Danene Guglielmana, Activities Director
Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, California

“The student feedback was so incredibly positive. They just loved you.”
– Courtney Landheer, Leadership Advisor
Farmington High School, Connecticut

“It is quite clear that you know your audience, and you care about our youth.”
– John Williams, Principal
Forestdale School, Massachusetts

“Jeff says what our parents would say if they only knew how. He speaks with us, not at us.”
– High School Senior

“Your message has been the first that is able to make me laugh, cry, and want to change the world.”
– A. Dunn, Student Leader
South Carolina Student Council

“We still have students and parents talking about your message.”
– Keith Marshall, Principal
South Central Jr. / Sr. High School, Indiana

“Students, teachers, and counselors were impressed with your enthusiasm, sincerity, and quality message. The response was nothing short of phenomenal.”
– M. Dziatczak
Asst. Principal, Troy School District
Troy, M

“You poured your heart into every assembly and leadership workshop.You live by strong moral principles and the integrity of your life gives validation to the message of your presentation.”
– Jason Nail, Coordinator
CCESC, Springfield, OH

“What an assembly! Captivating, dynamic,fantastic, motivating and inspiring are some adjectives that come to mind when I reflect on your presentation to our student body.”
– T. Fragasse, Guidance Counselor
Dover HS, Dover, OH

“The entire group, right down to the most passive and the rowdiest, listened to his every word.

They cried; they laughed. More importantly, they understood what Jeff said. They identified with his personal struggles – academic, self-esteem, and family relationships.

His message was ‘Attitude Matters.’ He had the right mix of levity with the sober. He clearly demonstrated it’s all in the attitude. He had everyone’s absolute attention.

The best endorsement I can give Jeff is simply this: the kids are still talking about what he said.”
– Susan A. Valentine, Principal
Northern Potter School District, Ulysses, PA

“As student hung on every word, as students later called this a turning point experience, as some cried, as all stood in final ovation, it was evident that a very talented presenter had made a difference!”
– P. Caron, Principal
Elm Street Junior High School, Nashua, NH

“No keynote speaker has ever been as amazing as you!… You could go from the funniest thing ever, making people laugh uncontrollably, to the most serious, sad, and emotion story I’ve ever heard, all in an instant and at the exact right moment… It was simply amazing.”
– Megan, Student Leader, PA SADD

“The month following Jeff’s visit, the amount of disciplinary problems fell by 44%.”
– A. Almansberger, Former Principal
Keshequa High School, Nunda, NY

“You are able to effectively engage a large number of students, allow us to experience sadness, happiness, and laughter all in teaching us about being great leaders and most of all, good people.”
– S. Weston, Student Leader
Farmington High School, CT

“Our students were totally immersed in his presentation. His unique style allowed him to be immediately accepted. … Everyone has told me that he is the best youth speaker we have ever had.”
– Doug Dodge, Principal
North Harrison Central School, IN

“Jeff, I owe you a huge thank you. During the last school year you spoke at my school. During the assembly you talked about how we young people need to “Take Time To Think”, and honestly at lot of our minds were on other things during that because it was the same day as our prom. I tried to listen attentively, but much like any other high school senior, I zoned in and out. Some of your stories stood out and others were over my head, but honestly, I did get something out of your talk that day. It has to do with the wristbands that had that quote on it.

“As I was getting ready for prom I thought a sweet white wristband would look so cool with my black pinstripe tie so I put it on not knowing how it would influence me later. The prom was an awesome time and the after prom was just as fun. The after-after prom was where some problems arrived. I was asked to go camping with a few other couples after prom, and I knew these kids pretty well, or so I thought, and I decided to go. From what I knew these kids did not drink or do any drugs, so I thought we would all just have fun. I myself had never drank, and still haven’t to this day. We all arrived to the place where we were camping and we started to hang and have fun. All of a sudden, beer started being poured into glasses and cups on the table. I was offered a glass, and I know this may sound cliché but before I answered I looked down at my wrist and the wristband said “Take Time To Think”, I knew at that moment I had no right being at that party, I needed to get out of that situation. Thanks.”
– Student, Graduate, Shaler HS, Pittsburgh, PA 2008

“Jeff reinforced concepts that are not only important to educators but students as well. I can honestly say that Jeff’s presentation was unlike any other that I have attended.”
– Scott Pyy, Asst. Principal
Wareham High School, MA

“It was undoubtedly one of the most stirring messages ever delivered to our graduating seniors.”
– B. Gillis, Executive Assistant
Milton Hershey School, Pennsylvania

Mr. Yalden, I am a high school teacher and I just finished listening to you talk to our students. I wanted to take a minute to thank you for talking to us and sharing your words of wisdom. Even though your fan page and official website advertise you as a “Youth Motivational Speaker”… you really struck a cord with me. Only my wife and my immediate family know this – last week, I was suicidal. Many of the thoughts and issues you were talking about I was/are feeling. Much of what you were saying was very inspirational to me. You can rest easy that there was at least one person you made a difference with today… And that was me. Thank you!
– High School Teacher

“I have never seen students brought to tears and then leave the assembly cheering. They were cheering their own lives.”
– K. Burger
Dir. of Student & Administrative Services
Manchester Township Schools, New Jersey