Teacher In-Service

Tired of the same boring speakers that try and teach your teachers how to do their job? Your staff complains about a presenter reading off the very notes, in which they gave them in the handout. Are you ready for a speaker that validates and inspires them to teach for the very reason they chose to become a teacher in the first place?

Stop the insanity with hiring speakers and presenters that don’t understand the stresses of every day work inspiring, motivating, teaching, influencing, and encouraging the students they see every day.
Teacher In Service Motivational Speaker

Jeff Yalden doesn’t use handouts, flip chart, nor does he use an overhead projector. Rather, through stories that touch the heart, Jeff encourages teachers and staff members that if you Toughen the Heart . . . the Mind will Follow.

ada-newspaper-cover-yaldenTeaching today is demanding and tough. The challenges of standardized tests and less and less classroom time puts stresses on teachers to complete their lessons plans. Jeff encourages your staff to remember “WHY”, they became teachers and inspires them to keep their eye on what is most important – Teaching Young People!

This message can be tailored to meet your theme and objectives. Whether you book an hour, a half-day, or a full day, Jeff gives everything he has to teacher in-services. He educates the educators, empowering them to get – and give – the most in their important roles.

Jeff Yalden recharges the batteries of educators and gives them a renewed conviction in their own calling.

Jeff’s in-service program allows teachers to laugh and have fun and stop thinking about homework for a while. He has been known to single-handedly restore the morale of a school.