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The “Ah-Ha!” Student Leadership Speaker for Conferences

Jeff  Yalden is a great student leadership keynote speaker for student leadership conferences and CTSO‘s.  He motivates, encourages, and inspires students and student leaders.  Hundreds of youth conferences have asked Jeff to be their conference keynote speaker over the years:  FCCLA, FFA, FHA, DECA, FBLA, STUCO, PFEW, Gear Up, 4-H, Boys and Girls Club, HOBY, the SEARCH Institute, our military, the AG-SIM International Youth Summit in Singapore, the ATY Youth Leadership in Vietnam, and many more.

Jeff’s message inspires student leaders across North America and the world. No youth motivational speaker stokes the audience more than Jeff Yalden.  He’s inspirational and connects with the teens at their level.



Arizona State STUCO has hired Jeff Yalden for their January 21, 2017 Conference (Again!)

To Activity Directors, Student Council Advisors, and Youth Leaders Everywhere:

Let me tell you about an incredible youth speaker—Jeff Yalden

Jeff Yalden not only lived up to our expectations, but exceeded beyond! Our auditorium was one second engaged in out loud belly-type laughing to the next second where you could literary hear yourself think it was so quiet. And thankful for that quiet moment, because Jeff’s presentation makes you think and ponder and think some more.

This is not just a humorist at work, but an in-your-face thought provoking person who has the ability to talk to each student on their own level in their own words. The comments after the assembly made me realize the students truly benefited from Jeff’s short time with them. He captured their hearts but more importantly he made them confront some of their fears and beliefs.

I have over thirty years as a Student Council advisor and am currently the Arizona Associate Director of Student Councils (AASC). Jeff presented to our State Convention and at my high school. Both presentations were fantastic —Jeff’s delivery, style, message—all hitting the mark!

Jeff will create a program that fits your school, club, or organization. He makes it personal and relevant to your needs. Check Jeff Yalden out—he has what you need—a message that delivers!

Jeff Peters

Jeff is a welcome gust of wind to the morale and spirit of any youth leadership conference or event. While teens are in ‘awe’ of his size and presence, Jeff is more in ‘awe’ of the gratitude he feels to be a part of their lives.

Student Leadership Conferences Keynote

TIME will always hold you ACCOUNTABLE

You’ve had Jeff speak at your school, and your kids want him back, but you might be concerned that they’ve already heard him speak.  STOP . . . This is a whole new message. They may have heard Jeff speak before, but they haven’t heard this keynote.  Jeff tailors his ‘About Life’ message into a Leadership Keynote Speech.

High School Student Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker

Student Leadership Keynote Speaker

Jeff’s message in this Keynote is more serious and talks with teens about how our choices will hold us accountable, over time. Yes, there is humor in this too, but this message details stories of Jeff’s past that really get to the heart of your audience.

Student Leadership Workshops


Defining Moments That Shape Your Character **Interactive**

Give Jeff an hour with your student leaders and he will encourage them to lead by character, rather than by reputation.  Depending on the amount of time available, and the leaders he is speaking with, Jeff will either share stories that are interactive, or Jeff will do interactive activities that make them think differently.

From his days as a United States Marine, Jeff will share stories that have transformed his life and made him the person he is today.

Jeff will inspire your student leaders through interactive activities that get them to think ‘outside the box. ‘ We will talk about communication, thinking outside the box, and the importance of working together.

Time for Workshops: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours

Youth Speaker teen leadership groups conferences

Student Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker

Jeff will encourage your student leaders to be real, to believe in themselves, to live through character and not through reputation.

Jeff’s Leadership Programs & Conferences are a roller coaster of emotions, delving equally into laughter, tears, and quiet reflection. Some student leaders claim that they draw more from Jeff’s one-hour keynote than they have through their entire high school or college experience. Perhaps, it is because student leaders yearn for the qualities that have transformed Jeff’s own life.

Students will learn from Jeff what it takes to find themselves and become the leaders they envision.

Jeff also runs Student Leadership Workshops. Why not incorporate a leadership workshop into your next event, and you’ll see how your student leaders work together to solve the problem sat hand. You’ll see how some students take charge, while others follow.  Always, fun and interactive.

Jeff speaks to high school students & student leaders differently than he does to middle school students.  Jeff’s gift is truly understanding how to relate to students on their level, regardless of age or social status.

Jeff doesn’t use flip charts or handouts. His message will linger on long after his presentation has ended.

Jeff’s Programs are age appropriate and, with advance notice, can be tailored to a specific theme at your request.

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to bring an Award-Winning Youth Motivational Speaker and MTV MADE Teen Life Coach, to your school assembly program or for your next Youth Leadership Conference!