Questions & Answers

What is the process of booking Jeff Yalden?

Let’s talk on the phone or via email whichever is best for you.  Let’s discuss what you are looking for.  Your theme and objectives and make sure Jeff is a good fit.  Is it student leadership?  Yes, Jeff is a good fit.  Is it school morale and motivation?  Yes, Jeff is a good fit.  Is it mental health awareness?  Yes, Jeff is a good fit.  Is it a motivational middle school or high school assembly for students and staff?  Yes, Jeff is a good fit.  Having said that, we need to find out how many assemblies or programs/workshops you need, times, and let’s discuss dates.  Then I will send you a program agreement and we are all set.  Very easy!

Is Jeff appropriate for Middle School and High School Students?

Jeff is a professional speaker with 23 years experience in education.  Jeff knows his audiences and tailors his program and wording to the audience in front of him.  Whether you are rural or city, Jeff’s knows and understands languages.  Jeff is real and doesn’t sugarcoat much.  If you want an entertainer that blows up balloons into little cute and funny animals you’d better look elsewhere.  If you want “The Jeff Yalden Experience!” and a message that leaves an impact and makes a difference we are pretty sure you will be “WOWED!!!!!” by Jeff Yalden.  He’s appropriate and real, but occasionally you might get a word or two in.  PG-13.  Never R.  Promise.  If you are a very conservative community, please let Jeff know and he will always respect your wishes without losing any of his message.

What are the costs associated with bringing Jeff to our community?

It’s funny that the price is forgotten after the value is received.  What would it mean to you if you knew we saved a life or two?  Can’t put a price on that!  I would love to answer this right away so we don’t waste your time or Jeff’s time, but it’s impossible.  Each and every program is different.  Are you interested in ONE School Assembly or Two?  Are you interested in Jeff for the FULL DAY with morning Mindfulness Mastery, school assembly or assemblies, student leadership workshop, teacher in-services, and parent programs?  Are you having Jeff come to your community for multiple schools and multiple days?  Are you sharing Jeff with another school?  We need to discuss your needs and decide the best route with the budget you’ve been given.

We had a Suicide in our Community.  What can Jeff do and why Jeff?  Why not our local Mental Health?

Jeff is passionate about teen suicide prevention and suicide prevention to teachers, parents, and communities.  For years, Jeff has been the “Go-To-Guy” when a school community loses a student to suicide.  Often times, the communities reach out to Jeff and Jeff sends a video offering his prayers and thoughts.  Many communities decide to bring Jeff in to the community because Jeff is the only person in the country that deals with death and dying.  He has a way with words and knows how to share his heart and soul with his audience to talk about a loss and how we move forward through the grieving process.  Furthermore, Jeff makes sure he stays close with your community through the years by offering his support by using Videos and Social Media to keep his message alive and to continue to support and encourage.

Why Jeff: It’s best to have an outsider who can come in and say what needs to be said.  You can’t have an administrator, a coach, or a teacher because they have to be extremely careful in how they say anything because quickly they can be perceived as being insensitive and this could pose many other issues.  Jeff knows how to say it.  Jeff knows how to talk to teens and the community.  Jeff will bring HOPE, HEALING, and a FORWARD DIRECTION to your community like no other.

Your Local Mental Health: This is a great option too, but have you ever had a loss where you need to call support and nobody wants to talk to them?  Jeff works and teaches mental health professionals how to engage with teens.  Teenagers aren’t quick to reach out.  As a matter of fact, teens will not reach out and open their hearts.  What Jeff does is invites your mental health professionals during his visit and together we all make a difference.  In some communities, even Youth Pastors, Pastors, Deacons, etc. are invited and Jeff makes sure we make the time together not about religion, but about faith.  Yes, we do this every year in many communities.

How Long Does Jeff Talk?

Jeff would like to tell you he talks till he’s done, but he knows that schools have a tight schedule to adhere to.  While many schools that know Jeff give him his full hour to two hours, Jeff can share his message in an hour to respect time.  Ideally, Jeff would like an hour and fifteen minutes.  If you are looking for a 20 minute or 30 minute speaker, please look further.  Jeff is a professional that connects with his audience and touches hearts and literally changes lives.  Don’t take away the value of Jeff’s visit by concerning yourself with a few minutes.  Guaranteed to be a memory never to be forgotten.

What Programs does Jeff offer?

The best program is bringing Jeff to your community for the FULL DAY Program.  That has the greatest impact and is a Yearbook Memory kind of day.  Jeff can also do half day programs – School Assembly and Teen Workshop.  Many schools also just invite Jeff for a school assembly and escort him to the door afterwards with a “Thank You!”  Some schools partner with another school district and have Jeff speak in the morning and at another school in the afternoon.  What is your theme?  What is your budget?  What are you thinking would be best for your community?  Let’s discuss this and create the best plan for your school / community.  Guaranteed it will be a great day!

We have a Student Leadership Conference coming up.  Is Jeff a good selection for our Keynote Speaker?

Ah, yeah!  While Jeff does so much with school districts and mental health, remember, Jeff is famous for his Keynote addresses to students.  His Leadership talk focuses on personal accountability, character, and integrity.  While many speakers get your student leaders to be excited with energizers and ideas for getting kids involved at school, Jeff speaks ‘REAL TALK’ about what Leadership is.  Guaranteed Jeff will be a favorite speaker amongst your student leadership speakers you’ve heard in the past.  Furthermore, Jeff is always one of the first to arrive, he serves lunches, mingles with kids, visits breakout sessions, and is always willing to do workshops, and a closing talk too.  He feels that as a speaker his message is important, but it’s also important to show the student leaders that he is a man of influence and by example.  The students then see the message more real as a result of seeing Jeff’s enthusiasm for the whole day.

In 23 Years, Jeff has spoken to State Student Council Conferences all over the country and several countries in South America and Central America.  He’s spoken to FBLA, DECA, FCCLA, FFA, HOSA, 4-H, and so many more.  Student leadership conferences that hire Jeff have rave reviews.

Where does Jeff travel from?

It’s like, “Where’s Waldo?”  Jeff makes his home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but you never know where Jeff is coming from or going to.  Sometimes, Jeff doesn’t even know!

I’ve heard Jeff suffers from Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar Type 2, and PTSD.  Is he crazy?

Yes! and Yes!  You have to be crazy to have traveled 23 years speaking in education and passionate about your work with teens, educators, and families.  He’s logged over 2.7 million miles with US Airways/America.  That’s crazy too!  Is he crazy because of his battles with depression, anxiety, bi-polar type 2, and PTSD?  Jeff is real and he’s not afraid to stand up and tell his audience that he’s not perfect.  He shares his struggles and battles with his audience and they appreciate who he is and how he lives his life everyday regardless of struggles.  Jeff has been in counseling for 25 years and he continues to be in therapy and on medication.  You have nothing to worry about.  As a matter of fact, Jeff is the most healthy he’s ever been at 44 years of age.

Don’t you think Jeff is too old to speak to youth?

Who said that there is no such thing as a dumb question?  Jeff is experienced working with teens and this is his passion.  If you can connect with teens and mesmerize an audience, you are not too old.  At 44 years old, Jeff will tell you he’s more present than ever and cares more about the teachable moment.  Jeff is having more fun today speaking than ever before.  He’s not too old at all.  As a matter of fact, Jeff feels he still has another 20 years left!

We are concerned that Jeff is too expensive and we can’t afford it?

The money is long forgotten when the value is received.  How much would you pay to know we saved a life?  Or two?  Jeff is a gifted youth speaker with incredible experience in every possible setting you could imagine.  You can rest assure that when Jeff comes into your building, A DIFFERENCE WILL BE MADE!  Many schools or communities fund raise, write for grants/have access to grants, put it in their budget because it is valued, and we’ve even had parents cover his cost because they know how much of a difference he will bring to the school community.

Is Jeff a Mental Health Professional?

Never will you hear Jeff say he is a certified social worker, therapist, doctor, or mental health licensed professional.  What you will hear Jeff say is that he has experience in the trenches in counseling teens and families with mental health, drugs and alcohol, and intervention.  His work has been featured on MTV MADE, MTV, VH1, BRAVO, and SpikeTV.  He’s been called, “The Teen Whisperer.”  Jeff’s experience comes from his work having witnessed suicides, prevented suicides, and bringing people to the mental health professionals.  Jeff likes to say, “He’s the trusted voice that people hear when their is something to be concerned about and an impending action we’re worried about!”  People listen to Jeff and his heart connects with the pain of the individuals.  Jeff always likes to have your counselors or community mental health professionals alongside for liability and legalities.  This covers Jeff and yourself.  Jeff thoroughly enjoys working with others too.