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In 2015, TWO AND A HALF DAYS, Jeff Yalden changed a community from despair to prominence.

Adult Mental Health Speaker

When you want a dynamic mental health motivational speaker for your conference, hire someone that lives with the symptoms we are talking about.  Read about Jeff Yalden and see who he is and why he is who he is.  You’ll be inspired and you’ll want Jeff to share his message with your people who are at the forefront of working with mental health in your communities.

Jeff Yalden struggles with mental health challenges himself – depression, anxiety, bi-polar type 2, and PTSD.  He says, “He’s one of those people!”, because of the stigma that is associated with symptoms above the shoulders.  As a matter of fact, after 17 years of marriage, Jeff will tell you his bi-polar and anxieties were the demise of his marriage.  Thought they are still good friends with great respect, Jeff realized things needed to change.  What makes Jeff special is the fact that he has Mental Health issues and accepts it, but has learned to cope with the triggers and invests two times per month in counseling for the past 25 years.  “Why I am the way I am makes me a special person.”, says Jeff.

For years, Jeff has been committed to his work with educators and parents talking about depression in teens.  He is passionate about sharing his stories with his audiences.  Whether it is teenagers and the challenges they’re facing in today’s world with expectations and inadequate feelings of self-worth as a result of comparisons to others on social media platforms.  Or, inspiring teachers, coaches, and mental health workers to understand how important their work is to take the stigma away from those that suffer everyday. Jeff Yalden talks candidly about his routine and how he deals with everyday triggers.

Jeff is real and genuine and knows that sharing his story makes him vulnerable, but he also knows that his story makes a difference in the lives of those that suffer, and those that help those that suffer, understand.

Teen Mental Health Speaker

“He shared all kinds of information and tips with us and answered so many questions.  Intact, the teachers were so into it that the actually had to kick them out at 5pm when we where supposed to be done at 4:30pm.” – Tracy Andersen, School Nurse, GMG High School, Garwin, IA

IMG_5933Jeff is renowned for his work with teen mental health – teen suicide, teen depression, teen suicide prevention, and helping school communities move forward after the death by suicide of one of their students.  If you are looking for a Teen Suicide Expert or Suicide Prevention Specialist that focuses on teens and mental health, look no further.  Let Jeff Yalden come and train your teachers and share his theory on today’s teen suicide epidemic.

When a school community suffers a death by suicide of one of its teens, the school community knows that Jeff Yalden will answer prayers and make sense to parents about the speed of hurt for today’s teens.  Jeff also is candid and appeals to teens helping them understand that suicide is not a solution – ever!  Jeff relates to teens in a way mental health professionals can’t.  They understand Jeff and Jeff understands them because Jeff has been there.

Hospitalized twice – Age 16 and 21 with feelings of suicide and adjustment disorder, Jeff had to figure things out.  This is the age where Jeff and his message come from to where he is now.  A riveting story of life and a search for meaning.

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When a suicide or loss of a teen or teacher rocks a community who do they turn to?  For years, Jeff Yalden has been the “Go-To-Guy” to help heal hearts and answer questions.  No doubt, Jeff Yalden has a knack for knowing the right words and being a safe outsider that can help teens move forward through the grieving process.  Jeff knows teens, he understands teen depression, teen mental health, and is one of the biggest advocates for Mental Health amongst teens and families.  MTV and VH1 called him, “The Teen Whisperer.”

Aside from Suicide Prevention Training with Jeff Yalden, Jeff also created a mental health program for teens and staff members designed to improve the overall well being of our teens.  The course reduces discipline, lowers stresses and anxieties of our teens trying to keep up with teen life and expectations and most importantly the course is designed to improve school morale by creating a safe and compassionate environment fostering relationships and ultimately improving test scores.

Why Jeff Yalden for a Full Day in Your Community?

Certified Speaking Professional CSP Youth Speaker

Jeff received the highest designation “Certified Speaking Professional – CSP” from the National Speakers Association in 2002. This distinction has been earned by less than 7% of all professional speakers worldwide.