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Motivational Speaker for High School Students – 50 States . . . 48 Countries . . . Over 4,000 Audiences LIVE, since 1992!  That is EXPERIENCE!

He Connects.  He Inspires.  He is Interactive.  He Changes Lives!

Jeff touches hearts and changes lives in his high school assemblies. That is what he does! Guaranteed to be rated the “Best High School Speaker” to meet with your students.  Whether you are looking for a high school assembly on high school motivation, drugs and alcohol, choices and attitude, sexting, bullying prevention, mental health awareness, etc.; Jeff tailors his message and meets your needs for a theme or objectives you want.  He’s a memorable motivational speaker for high school students – They will remember him long after the lights are out and the auditorium is vacant.  For years to come, they will talk about high school motivational speaker Jeff Yalden.

High School Motivational Speaker – High School Assemblies

Jeff’s high school assemblies have been delivered in high schools from Maine to Singapore, Central America to Vietnam, Munich to Japan, El Salvador to as far northern Canada and all places in between. Millions of high school students and educators from all walks of life have absorbed Jeff’s elevating message “About Life.”

I can’t even describe to you how completely AMAZING the entire day was.  The kids absolutely LOVED him.  Even the ones that were complaining about having to go listen to someone loved it.  He was fabulous with the student assemblies and had kids lined up to get photos with him and speak with him at the end, and I was completely SHOCKED at how many of them bought his book . . . intact he sold out of books!!!!  There were so many kids especially the ones that I worry about daily that were COMPLETELY engaged.  There were kids that came up to me afterwords with praise for how much they enjoyed it.  I would recommend him a million times!!!” – T. Andersen, Nurse, GMG High School, Garwin, IA

Jeff Yalden gave the best speech I’ve ever heard.” – J. Owens, PA

Defining Moments are Made in High School Assemblies

You are looking for a motivational speaker for your high school students, right?  You want a youth speaker that will bring a defining moment and inspire the students to think, reason, and act, correct?  This is where Jeff is the absolute best at what he does. Jeff coming to your high school is “AN EXPERIENCE!” Even before Jeff comes to your high school, the kids already know him. Jeff always does a video for your school that the kids see before he arrives. Often times, Jeff has gotten a standing ovation before he has even spoken.  Stop for a second and think to yourself, “Who are we going to bring that will make memories and give that ‘Ah-ha!’ motivational talk to our high school?”  Bringing Jeff will be safe, fun, memorable, and most importantly the students and the staff love Jeff.

Youth Motivational Speaker Saves Lives

High School Motivational Speaker – Changes Lives! Gives Hope.


Youth Speaker for High School Motivational Assemblies

High School Youth Speaker


If the only thing I can take away from PFEW is Jeff Yalden’s speech, I’ll be okay with that. Such an inspirational speech.” – K. Serafin, PA

The "Ah-ha" High School Assemblies Speaker

The “Ah-ha” High School Assemblies Speaker


Youth Motivational Speaker for Student Leadership Conferences

Student Leadership Keynote Speakers

Jeff’s motivational high school assemblies focus on one’s attitude and their choices in every day life. Jeff takes his audiences on an emotional roller coaster of tears and laughter, ultimately leaving them standing on their feet applauding, as they self-reflect on their own lives. His message encompasses: accountability, personal responsibility, choices, character, acceptance, selflessness, and can be tailored to your theme with advance notice.

Jeff gets personal about his own life: his challenges with his sense of self-worth, failing at relationships, becoming a teen father, and ultimately how he overcame his challenges and obstacles to make him the man he is today.

Jeff is the high school motivational speaker that is real and gives his all in every presentation.  This is one of the reasons why Jeff is the best motivational speaker for high school students.

High School Speaker

High School Motivational Speaker

The Message the kids continue to hear: TAKE TIME TO THINK

“Still remember when Jeff Yalden punched me in the chest in our assembly. Probably greatest moment ever!” – C. Powell, PA

The bottom line is that Jeff promises your students and staff the best high school motivational assembly program your school has ever had and your kids will be begging to have Jeff back.

Youth Speaker Jeff Yalden

High School Motivational Speaker

Jeff pours his heart and soul into his audience leaving them with a message they will never forget. Jeff’s powerful message, “About Life” and taking time to think helps your students make decisions affecting the next steps in their lives.

His mantra, “Fill your Cup” is a message that is visual as much as it is heard through the powerful stories that resonate deep into their hearts.

When you bring Jeff to your high school for your next motivational high school assembly, you will hear how he overcame obstacles while finding humor in even his darkest moments. Jeff makes a connection with your students that is real and heartfelt. Jeff becomes a friend to them, a beacon in the fog of what seems to be eternal youth.

Youth Speaker teen leadership groups conferencesJeff’s unforgettable message uses humor and drama to instill a sense of accountability, doing what is best for the sake of integrity, and treating others with basic human respect.

With his upbeat spirit and infectious sense of humor, Jeff specializes in High School Motivational Assemblies, Motivational Youth Leadership Conferences, Teen Mental Health, and Suicide Prevention for Schools.  As the most veteran youth speaker in North America, Jeff is a professional and will inspire your students to be their own person, instead of buckling to peer pressure.

As a father, teacher, and a coach, Jeff Yalden speaks to your students on their level and in their language in a style they can understand and relate to. Jeff talks with his audience, not at them, delivering a message they will call a highlight of their educational year.

Jeff stays after the program ends to speak with students, sign autographs and just listen. Jeff will speak openly and honestly about anything kids want to discuss, from drugs, tobacco and alcohol to abstinence and relationships.

Jeff loves teens and the conversations they bring to the table, and he’s the adult and a trusted role model that your high school students look up to as a powerful educator.

Jeff speaks to high school students differently than he does to middle school students. Jeff’s gift is truly understanding how to relate to students on their level, regardless of age or social status.

Jeff doesn’t use flip charts or handouts, rather his message from the heart lingers on long after his presentation has ended.

Jeff’s Programs are age appropriate and can be tailored to a specific theme with advance notice. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to bring Jeff Yalden to your school for your next assembly.

#1 Motivational Speaker for High School Students!  Jeff will make you a HERO, but most importantly he will deliver a motivational high school assembly that you expect.