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Freshman Orientation & Keynote Addresses

“TIME will ALWAYS hold you Accountable”
Your job is to find a speaker that will deliver a solid message to either incoming freshman or to a large audience where you want a keynote speaker that is funny, yet delivers a solid “Defining Message”.

You are planning the Freshman Orientation and you bring the students together and help them acclimate themselves to their new surroundings on campus. You plan social gatherings, team building activities, and have great live performances. You want a speaker that gets it. Jeff does.

Youth Speaker teen leadership groups conferencesThe challenge is planning events that interest college students and get them to become a part of the spirit of your school. One chapter for them has recently closed, but another one is just about to open, and Jeff Yalden is a speaker that will make you a HERO. He is real, upbeat, interactive, and will share a “Defining Moment” message that will have them thinking as they move forward in their college careers and beyond.

Or, you simply are responsible for hiring a speaker for your Conference and you need a “Keynote Speaker” that will deliver. Jeff Yalden is “That” speaker who will make your audience laugh, think, and reflect. Jeff gets it!

Whatever your theme, Jeff will tailor his message to meet your needs. Jeff gets it! You want a speaker that knows the young adults. One that will speak with them at their level, a speaker who can entertain through words but also a speaker who can bring content in a humorous way. Jeff combines great humor with awesome content that ultimately leaves the students reflecting, thinking and taking action.

“TIME will ALWAYS hold you ACCOUNTABLE” – Leadership Keynote Version
Jeff Yalden is perfect for Freshman Orientation and College Keynote Lectures. Jeff Yalden can move a Leadership Conference full of young motivated attendees to take action and to reflect on the importance of leadership and principles that make a great leader. When you hire Jeff as a speaker for your Leadership Conference you get a speaker that knows how to reach them to set them off on a journey of self-exploration. Your audience will be mesmerized by Jeff’s honesty and defining moment stories that will have your audience reflecting on what is “Really” important in life.