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Your job is to find a speaker for your college students.  A speaker that makes sense and who will connect at their level with the troubling times they’re going through.  High expectations, stress, trying to understand where they will fit into life later on.  The anxieties and stresses of everyday living and cell phones and social media platforms are creating more and more anxieties and lower self-esteem as young people are validating their lives through what they see on other peoples pages.

Certified Speaking Professional CSP Youth SpeakerJeff received the highest designation “Certified Speaking Professional – CSP” from the National Speakers Association in 2002. This distinction has been earned by less than 7% of all professional speakers worldwide.

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From 2006 – 2011, Jeff Yalden was a MADE Coach on MTV MADE.  His show “The Comedian” was one of the longest running and most successful shows MADE has ever done.  He helped a young lady Alyssa find purpose and direction in her life and with only 5 weeks left before graduating, Jeff helped her finish her course work and graduate.  Jeff is proud to say that Alyssa is still a very close friend and Jeff is still very influential in her life.  She is now 26 years old, married with two children, and living in Idaho.

Jeff Yalden is your speaker for college students.  He makes sense and most importantly he lives with depression, bi-polar, and PTSD.  Jeff is a certified suicide prevention trainer and expert too.  Let Jeff come and work with your college students and staff members.  He makes sense and gives tips on how one can deal with life and the stresses we create.

APCA Showcase Speaker – March 20, 2015 – Jacksonville, FL